Wood rollers conveyors and trestles

Roller coater Paoloni for floor oiling system, and our wire brushing machines for wood surface finishing processes are complete lines of different machines. To add one to the next we offer a complete range of wood rollers conveyors, single trestles for long timber and skirting profiles.


The Paoloni Wood Finishing System range is completed by several conveyor rollers and trestles. They are especially useful to connect one machine with the other and create a “line” the wood will be processed through. 


These add-ons are totally adjustable and can be used with several wood products such as beams, matchboards, floorboards. According to your needs, they can be provided with guide edges and galvanized / rubber rollers (idle or motorized).


Here you can see some of our products, but normally these are produced according to the specific customer's requirements. They are designed and made in our factory, starting from the welding till the painting (the colour can be chosen by the customer).



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