Wood wire brushing machine Rustica One

Paoloni offers a wide range of wire brushing machine to prefinish your oak floorboards and give your wood an aged effect thanks to a powerfull tynex roller abble to work timber as a brush graining unit.
Steel brushes make the difference in the hard job of wood surface treatment before your coating application.


Rustica-One is a powerful entry level brushing machine capable of bearing heavy jobs without slowing down or getting overheated. The interchangeable brush head allows to use up to 6 different types of brushes for 6 different functions.

Rustica-One is designed for small and medium-sized productions, let's say up to 400 square meters a day in a single pass. The steel brush opens the grain of the wood emphasizing its natural appearance and giving a 3D look. A second pass with a Tynex brush is necessary to clean the grain and remove the ripples to make the surface smooth and ready to receive a pre-finishing treatment with water-based stains or oils.
When it comes to apply waterborne products, the Rustica-One is also a brilliant solution to the intermediate sanding problem. Thanks to the use of a “flatter-style” brush with 24 strips of abrasive paper and nylon bristles, the wear layer will become perfectly smooth without removing the color or damaging the film, getting ready for the first coat of water-based lacquer.
Every water-based product is easily applied with the Minitunnel machine. Further coats after the intermediate sanding won't require any sanding as the wood surface will already be perfecly smooth and silky.
Hard stell wire brush

Hard stell wire brush

60 grit tynex brush

60 grit tynex brush

120 grit tynex brush

120 grit tynex brush

flatter brush sand paper grit 320-240

Flatter brush sand paper grit 320-240

Medium steel wire brush

Medium steel wire brush

cotton polishing brush

Cotton polishing brush

Scotch brite Drum

Scotch brite Drum



Data Sheet

Size and weight of the machine

  • Length: 100 cm
  • Width: 100 cm
  • Height: 135 cm
  • Total weight: 250 kg

Workable sizes

  • Thickness min. 5 mm - max. 135 mm (upon request up to 300 mm)
  • Min. Width 20 - max. 250 mm
  • Min. Length 300 mm - max. NO LIMIT

Three-phase power supply:

  • Nominal voltage: 380 V (50 Hz) power supply (adaptable to any international standard)
  • Total power 1,9 kW

Conveyor belt motor

  • Nominal voltage: 380 V (50 Hz) power supply (adaptable to any international standard)
  • Power 0,37 kW

Motore spazzola con inverter

  • Nominal voltage: 380 V (50 Hz) power supply (adaptable to any international standard)
  • Power 1,5 kW
  • velocità regolabile: min. 25 RPM - max. 960 RPM

Production speed

  • Meters/minute: 2 - 15

Electric lifting of the brush with digital indicator

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