Rustica Four: beams and planks matchboardings brushing machine

Paoloni answer to industrial flooring needs: that machine is dedicated to wire brush wooden profiles as beams and matchboards, or give an aged effect to exotic wood for decking and terrace or polish with specifical tynex or scotch brite rollers planks surfaces before staining.


The most powerful machine of Paoloni's proposals in terms of wood brushing is the "Rustica Four" model that exploits the versatility of 4 different type brushes to quickly obtain any effect on your parquet or any kind of wooden boards. Thanks to alternating steel brushes of various hardnesses and using increasing grain tynex brushes, wood can realize a deep and natural were brushes effect up to the extreme and with high production speed.


Maybe you need a professional machine for smoothing and sanding softly your water based wooden lacquers? You can use Paoloni Rustica serie machines with abrasiv grain brushes of various grits can satisfy any pre-finishing cycle.

The limit of this machine is very high, and it also allows the creation of special effects thanks to specific techniques and chemical products to be used in prefinishing on flooring production, for example, thanks to the systematic and well-calibrated use of active stains and oxidanting agents suitable for aging your new wood.

For more information on this practise, we invite you to contact our lab technicians by email writing to to find out which products we have already tested and see also final results.

You can use our direct experience (see also our flooring production and will avoid such long testing times that we have already exhaustively studied in our laboratory over the last 15 years.
We tested with our customers and for specifical request all innovations and effects dedicated to wood finishing.
Every year we test innovations in wood paint industries, to be always updated on newlties and give our customers performing machines and a complete systems for prefinishing wood as.

spazzola Rustica One

Hard stell wire brush

spazzola Rustica One

60 grit tynex brush

spazzola Rustica One

120 grit tynex brush

spazzola Rustica One

Flatter brush sand paper grit 320-240

spazzola Rustica One

Medium steel wire brush

spazzola di cotone

Cotton polishing brush

spazzola scotch brite rosso

Scotch brite Drum


Technicals data

Machine weight and dimensions:

  • Lenght: 237 cm
  • Width: 120 cm
  • Height: 125 cm
  • Total Weight: 850 kg

Size of workable elements:

  • Tickness min. 5 mm - max. 135 mm (optional under request up to 300 mm)
  • Width min. 20 - max. 400 mm (optional under request up to 600 mm - 800 mm)
  • Lenght min. 300Mm – max No Limit

Brushes engine:

Three-phase power supply:

  • Nominal voltage: 380 V / 50 Hz (optional custom made for worldwide standards)
  • Total power: 13 kW

Adjustable speed brushes:

  • Adjustable speed: min. 25 RPM - max. 960 RPM (adjustable rotating direction)

Production speed:

  • 2-15 Mt/min

Electrical lifter with digital display

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