Tunnel 320

Upgrades 2024 for the tunnel 320 impregnating machine

The Paoloni Tunnel320 machine received for 2024 some technical innovations to reach a smart use and higher precision adjustment in the application of impregnating stains and finishing products for wooden beams and solid timber profiles. In this video we present the innovations created thanks to relationship with our customers after sales and following their own suggestions

Among the machines proposed on this site we have also included two wood impregnating automatic machine for wooden profiles used in yard construction: the Perlina model (small and compact https://www.woodfloormachinery.com/en/timber-profile-stain-coater-equipment) and the large Tunnel320 fully automatic and with great industrial performance for the pre-finishing colored water based stains treatment of laminated wood profiles, such as beams, laminated and solid fir wood as well.

Tunnel 320 is also a versatile machine capable of applying waxes and solvent-based products (thanks to teflon base treatment of the chassis and mostly important components, and the bottom of the machine completly made in Stainless steel inox) such as dyes and solvent-based products for the treatment of solid wood in spruce and fir douglas timber. It is possible to work matchboards and cladding or fencing wooden elements and apply a coat on 4 sides at the same time in a single quick pass.

Thanks to a clever indirect impregnation system, it is possible to apply the product directly on the wood both in flow coating, or with an indirect roller system that recalls the precision pre-finishing systems for oiling oak wooden flooring.

These machines are aligned with the Paoloni Floor finishing system project, with a spin-off that could be called “Timber Wood Finishing System” .... a general concept linked to the treatment of construction timber.

The 5 motorized finishing brushes are adjustable at will, and are connected to electronic inverters that change both the direction of rotation and their speed to differentiate the color finish of the wood depending on how much pigment you want to leave on it (greater or less), which depends not only on the fluidity or viscosity of the product to be applied (waxes, impregnating agents for wood, solvent-based oils, etc.) but also on the impact pressure of the soft PPL brushes, resistant to solvents and consumption (our brushes, if cleaned correctly, last years!), and their spinning speed of course.

The easy disassembly of the brushes and the system connected to the powerful airless pump allows easy cleaning of the machine at the end of the job and a color change in use inside the machine in no more than 20 minutes.

Technical characteristics of the machine

Machine size: 2850 X 1300 X 2000 mm
Machine weight: 950 Kg
Adjustable speed: 5-42 mt/min
Installed power (three-phase including inverter): 6,9 Hp
Min length: The machine is designed for long straight profiles and wooden elements but on request it is also possible to customize the Tunnel320 with median traction rollers that guarantee the dragging of profiles starting from 650mm in shortest length (and less if necessary)
Width (min-max): 10 / 320 mm (up to 420 mm optional)
Thickness (min-max): 10 / 320 mm (up to 420 mm optional)
N.° of Engines: 6
Motorized rotating brushes: 5
N.° of Applicator rollers: 4
N.° of Nozzles: On request it is possible to mount compressed air blowers to purge and clean irregular profiles from excess liquid (tongue-groove, milling stripes, tilted cuts etc.)

Tunnel 320 model

Tunnel 320 Paoloni wooden fencing cladding shiplaps and beams treatment coating staining machine

Views of the TUNNEL 320 Paoloni

Application rollers supports and protections on adjustable digital controls for tickness and width

Traction rollers and their counter rollers to optimize the movement of the wood inside the machine

Impregnation circuit adjustable on 4 sides and with 10 nozzles selectables one by one

Closing systems front cover protection and safety buttons

FINISHING BRUSHES sliding on stainless steel inox supports with electronica panel control's buttons

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