After sales service

PAOLONI offers several tools to guarantee a fast and efficient customer service and solve any problem related to the machinery or on how to manage new finishes that are tricky to apply. It is not unlikely that not even the finish supplier is able to explain how to reach a specific effect and that's when our service becomes an “high-value” one. Thanks to the wide application expertise we gained in years of daily work with Parquet Sartoriale, we perfectly know every finishing process and how to fine-tune the machinery to reach truly bespoke wood floors.

You can get in touch with us with three tools:

  • Skype or Whatsapp, for real-time communication and pictures/videos sending
  • Inquiry form: for any subject that requires further investigations (i.e. How to reach a specific effect, how to solve particular problems)


 WhatsApp: +39 335 5957179

 Skype: direzione.paoloni


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