Industry Line: wood oil reverse roller coater

Paoloni industry line is the complete floor treatment solution, composition of many units for industrial customers on the floor finishing market that want a quick production and a perfect paint application. Our reverse roller coater can apply the right quantity of oil for floor, or colored hardwax to prefinish oak flooring and assure a 100% customer satisfaction.


With this combination of machines, Paoloni offers an industry line with more technogical tools if compared with the Minitunnel. This line of machines is based on a wide use of electronic actuators and advanced pneumatic systems, as well as digital touch-screen control panels.


In comparison with the Minitunnel system, which represents a quick and smart way to pass from the typicial in-site finishing to a factory pre-finished product, this industrial line is specifically addressed to those who gained a great experience with the wood floor pre-finishing process and needs to increase his output rate. According to our experience, people that wants to start prefinishing their wood floors should start with easier systems as the Minitunnel is, pairing it with a wire brush machine and a small Buffing module for oils possibly.

When your business will grow to a level that makes the Minitunnel no more efficient, Paoloni will always take it back at the best price and will help you creating a more advanced finishing line.

For people who are willing to purchase this industry line, we highly recommend to add our training package.


Data Sheet

Dimensions and weight of the machine

  • Length: 460 cm
  • Width: 105 cm
  • Height: 158 cm
  • Max height workable: 100mm / Max. Workable width: 400mm
  • Weight: 960 kg

n.7 0.55 kw single-phase / three-phase motors

Feed speed: 3 - 20 mt / min

Applicator and counter-roller roller diameter: 200 mm

7' touch screen HMI control panel

Counter-roller pressure indicator with digital display

Up to 6 pre-set work programs

Aluminum counter-roller

Double diaphragm pump, adjustable flow rate from 0 to 52 L / min - supply pressure 1 - 6.8 Bar

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