Wood surface treatment machine Double Buffer Double Wiper

That Paoloni machine for wood surface treatment gives you the opportunity to complete floor finishing system after hardwax application by roller coating: if dosing roller coater works perfectly as our Minitunnel machine can,  your oak planks will be perfectly finished and with a resistant top coat application.


This polishing line can be used “in line” or “on the side” of the Minitunnel. It is the ideal system to create a wood floor oiling line for high daily quantities.


Oil finishes call for a special attention: the high percentage of solid content (resins) and the resulting low quantities of solvents (VOC) requires quite long drying times before being able to pack the wood. This happens because oils are “penetrative finishes”, so they must impregnate the grain and fibers, differently from the “film finishes” (such as stains and lacquers). The oil saturation process is slow and may take up to 72 hours to complete. Having said that, Paoloni offers two different finishing systems:


Alternative 1:


Using the Double Buffer Double Wiper, which orbital pads and rotative brushes will ensure the oil the enter deep inside the grain without any waste. Any excess would lead the oil to literally “float over the board”, so the buffing / polishing process is a very important.


Alternative 2:


Using one of our wire brush machines (for instance: RUSTICA TWO) to perform a “dry polishing”, a process we gained a great application expertise with thanks to the daily work in “Parquet Sartoriale”. By using a special “scotch-brite drum” it is possible, within the first 12 hours after the application, to dissolve and strenghten the oil finish. This process, which has to be performed with a proper spinning speed and a generally light pressure on the wood, makes the surface stronger, silkier as well as increasing the water-resistance capacity.


Touch screen control available under optional request for all Paoloni finishing machines 2021 model






Data Sheet

Dimensions and weight of the machine

  • Lenght: 260 cm
  • Width: 125 cm
  • Height: 155 cm
  • total weight: 790 kg

Worktable tables dimensions

  • Min thickness 5 mm - max. 40 mm
  • Min. widht 20 mm - max. 400 mm (including tapping)
  • Min. lenght 300 mm - max. NO LIMIT

Single-phase power supply:

  • Nominal voltage: 220V (50 Hz) (adaptable to any international standard)
  • Total power 1,9 kW

Traction belt motor

  • Power supply 220 V (50 Hz) (adaptable to any international standard)
  • Power 0,37 kW

PAD motors with inverter

  • Power supply 220 V (50 Hz) (adaptable to any international standard)
  • Power 0,8 kW
  • Adjustable speed: min. 10 RPM - max. 150 RPM

Brushes motors with inverter

  • Power supply 220 V (50 Hz) (adaptable to any international standard)
  • Power 0,8 kW
  • Adjustable speed: min. 10 RPM - max. 150 RPM

Production speed (with inverter)

  • Meters/minute: 1 - 19

Electroactuated pneumatic lifting of the brush with digital indicator

PAD diameter: 430 mm

Brush head inclinable +/- 35 ° with respect to the feed plane

Watch this machinery at work with Minitunnel

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