Wood paint drying trolley

Paoloni floor surface finishing machinery are suitable for huge production of timber coating and flooring lacquering system: so we offer our wood paint drying trolley with big planks capability to dry in a short time as much wooden floorboards possible in the smallest space and reduced volume.


Working with our machines at the Parquet Sartoriale laboratory on a daily basis we realized that the real production limit is due to the room the planks take when they have to be stacked on the racks for the natural air drying process. Since we couldn't find any racks that would suits our needs (aprox. 400 sq/m of prefinished wood flooring per day), we decided to build them internally.


They are solid, with 16 levels and 70/80 cm wide arms capable of bearing heavy weights and up to 40 square meters of parquet per rack. Moreover, they are easy to move thanks to the large diameter castor wheels. You can see the result on this page, we are the first to use them so it came naturally to offer them to the customers of our machines that agree that we have the best prices on the market. Once again we are pleased to offer you our customized drying racks!


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