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Paoloni Onelio & Figlio offers something that no other company in the market is able to: other than building and selling wire brush machines, sanding units and wood floor prefinishing systems, we offer to customers different training packages tailored to suit any need.

We also offer a selection of finishing products certified and guaranteed by the major companies in the industry. The daily-work at Parquet Sartoriale allows us to give our customers located everywhere in the world updated information about the best finishes in terms of innovation, resistance to wear, spots, scratches and dents.

We offer 4 different training packages:



Diversamente chi decidesse di acquistare solo le macchine e in un secondo momento acquistare pacchetti di formazione potrà scegliere tra:


On-line training

The package provides a two-year assistance with continuous updates via e-mail and access to private channels via Facebook and YouTube, as well as continuous updating via WhatsApp (we will add you the our Whatsapp group once the purchasing of one of our machinery is confirmed). This package will also allow you to know more about the most interesting products made by 15 important coating manufacturer we have a partnership with.
The the package is renewable for 2 more years.
Cost of the package::
1.500 euros + VAT (valid for 24 months)

Factory training

This training package includes the "On-Line Training" and adds 3 days of full immersion into our factory in Italy. We organize 2 yearly meetings, usually in March and April, which our customers can attend to.
The package includes room and board for one person, the training material and the samples we will make during the training course at Parquet Sartoriale Laboratory.
The package does not cover the travel expenses to reach the Paoloni factory. For more information on the training program please write to
Cost of the package:
3.500 euros + VAT

Home Customer Training

With this training package we will join you at your place. One of our experts will spend 4 days with you to explain everything about the use and maintenance of the machines as well as sharing his finishing techniques to reach various type of prefinishing wood floors. He will also recommend the best finishing products and wood suppliers.
Board and lodging will be on the visiting specialist, while the travel costs will be reimbursed by the customer.
For more information on the training program, please write to
Basic cost of the package:
5.500 euros + VAT.

Videos of training courses held in various locations around the world by Andrea Paoloni, C.E.O. of the company.



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