Floor oil finishing machine Minitunnel 320

Minitunnel is a smart floor and timber finishing machine abble to work as oil roller coater and finish floorboards with any kind of solvent base stains and water based lacquers. Minitunnel electric and automatic machine is also suitable as lye and ageing wood product to give your wood a distressed and old effect.


The first and unique system that performs a vertical pre-finishing.


Minitunnel is the beating heart of the professional and flexible wood floor pre-finishing system thought by Paoloni Onelio & Figlio back in 2006. More than 400 Minitunnel laboratories have been sold in over 90 countries around the world so far and we are very proud to be the first company that use its own creation to produce and sell beautiful bespoke wood floors under the "Parquet Sartoriale" brand.


The Minitunnel basic module allows you to apply any kind of coating water-based and solvent-based pre-colours, 1 and 2 components finishes, straight oils and oils with waxes. With the a proper attention and specific application rollers it is even possible to use the Minitunnel to apply those aging products that are highly request by the market nowadays


The real innovation that everyone immediately notices is the vertical feeding system of the boards, which guarantees a great versatility as being able to be apply, in a single coat (with a production rate of up to 120 square meters per hour!), from 10 gr / mq up to 120 gr / mq without spilling on the groove and tongue and perfectly coating the bevels (micro or standard) on the 4 sides.


Minitunnel works well also with irregular surfaces such as handscraped or band-sawn boards. Thanks to the Minitunnel, Paoloni becomes a friend and partner of each of its customers. You can read what our customers from all over the world think about us. This makes us proud of offering a system that allows everybody to setup a successfull wood floor production, with higher incomes generated by the fact that all the products completely matches the customer desire.


MINITUNNEL works at the best when paired with other machines such as a wire brush sander, a oil polishing line and buffing pads you can learn about on the other pages of this website.





Data Sheet

Dimensions and weight of the machine

  • Length: 210 cm
  • Width: 62 cm
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Total weight: 235 kg

Worktable size

  • Thickness min. 10mm - max. 45 mm
  • Min. Width 30 - max. 320 mm (including tapping)
  • Min. Length 600 - max. NO LIMIT

Single-phase power supply:

  • Nominal voltage: 230V AC (50 Hz) o 110/120V AC (60 Hz)
  • Total power 1,46 kW

Drive rollers motor

  • 230V AC power supply (50 Hz)
  • Power 0,55 kW

Finishing brush motor with speed gearbox

  • 230V AC power supply (50 Hz)
  • Power 0,55 kW
  • Adjustable speed: min. 40 RPM - max. 200 RPM
  • Brush pressure adjustment: +/- 15 mm

Electric pump

  • 230V AC power supply (50 Hz)
  • Power 0,34 kW
  • (optional pneumatic pump upon request)

Production speed*

  • Meters/minute: 14
  • * (inverter for speed adjustment upon request)

Removable product basin

  • N. liters 5L (small basin) - 20L (large basin)
Use and maintenance of the Minitunnel machine

How to clean the Minitunnel

This video shows the cleaning an oil-based coating with a proper washing thinner. In the case of water-based products, you can just use warm water IMMEDIATELY after the end of the working session, in order to prevent the coating to dry on the brush, on the pump, on the various pipes and on the body of the machine itself.

Use with oil

How to apply oils with the Minitunnel

Use with tints

How to apply water-based stains with the Minitunnel

Use with reactive stains

How to apply reactive stains with the Minitunnel

Use with lacquers

How to apply water-based lacquers with the Minitunnel

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