Charred timber brushing machine Rustica 3Sides

Paoloni answers to timber industry that works on Shou Sugi Ban charred wood production thanks to that specifical machine with 2 vertical adjustable wire brushes: you can use our Rustica-3sides to clean and polish your burned wood after charing. That machine Paoloni is also suitable for mouldings and terrace wood as decking and exotic wood planks before oiling with our floor finishing systems.


Often our customers ask for customizations and specific adaptations of the machines for their factory particular needs. That's why we start producing this brushing machine abble to operate on wooden profiles on 3 sides contemporary. The typical customer of this machine usually brush and sand straight elements from frames and windows. Some one of them is in the business of wood houses and structures and they need to wire brush, or smooth or sand elements that are visible on 3 sides. Another type of use made by one of our customers is the cleaning of old wood, while in Northern Europe our Rustica 3Sides is used to remove the carbonized residue charred wood made in specifical ovens (Japanese technique known as Shou Sugi Ban).


The brushes mounted on this machine are 4 of which two horizontal and two vertical and opposite. The latter can also be tilted 10 degrees in two directions (+/- 10 degrees, so total 20 degrees of excursion) and have a working height of 10 cm.

spazzola Rustica One

Hard stell wire brush

spazzola Rustica One

60 grit tynex brush

spazzola Rustica One

120 grit tynex brush

spazzola Rustica One

Flatter brush sand paper grit 320-240

spazzola Rustica One

Medium steel wire brush

spazzola di cotone

Cotton polishing brush

spazzola scotch brite rosso

Scotch brite Drum



Technicals data

Machine weight and dimensions:

  • Lenght: 187 cm
  • Width: 112 cm
  • Height: 140 cm
  • Total Weight: 440 kg

Workable wood elements (on 3 sides)

  • Tickness min. 5 mm - max. 135 mm (optional under request up to 300 mm)
  • Width min. 20 - max. 250 mm (optional under request 600 mm - 800 mm)
  • Lenght min. 300Mm – max No Limit
  • Sides size: up to 100mm

Orizontal and vertical engines:

Three-phase power supply:

  • Nominal voltage: 380 V / 50 Hz (optional custom made for worldwide standards)
  • Total power: 6,0 kW

Adjustable speed orizontal brush rotation (OPTIONAL)

  • Adjustable speed: min. 25 RPM - max. 960 RPM (adjustable brush direction)
  • Vertical brushes inclination: +/- 10°

Production speed:

  • 2-15 Mt/min

Electrical lifter with digital display

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