We asked some customers located everywhere in the world to give us an opinion about how they did with the machinery and the after-sales service.
What you can read here is uncensored. The name of the people and their company are real and currently operating, so feel free to get in touch with them to ask some further info about their business relationship with Paoloni.




Mr. Pierre Dreyer - Plett Roofing (South Africa)


We are very happy with Paoloni timber wire brushing machine: well done trusting in Andrea Paoloni so far from Italy. Here a sample of how we are building a "pirate ship" for a project in Maldives ageing timber for a weathered look.


Scott Appelquist - American Wholesale Fenceworks, LLC

Scott Appelquist - American Wholesale Fenceworks, LLC -

I want to thank you Andrea Paoloni and your employees for the excellent service provided by you and your company. This is the third staining machine that I have purchased from your business and shipped to the United States. All of your machine do an outstanding job. I can’t thank you enough. I would love to recommend you and your company to anyone who needs a staining machine now or in the future. Please feel free to add my endorsement to any promotional materials you have now or in the future.


Guerini Bonera

Vorrei fare i complimenti alla ditta Paoloni per l'assistenza del post vendita: non che la macchina Minitunnel ne avesse bisogno, ma l'aiuto fondamentale è stato quello fornito nel dopo vendita su come utilizzare al meglio i prodotti da applicare. Bastano poche ore di formazione per essere in grado di applicare tinte, vernici e olii da parquet in modo corretto. Più volte il Sig. Andrea Paoloni è stato interpellato per la realizzazione di colori a campione e con i suoi suggerimenti è stato possibile realizzare i sogni dei nostri clienti. Il soprannome di "guru delle finiture dei pavimenti in legno" è più che giustificato. Cordiali saluti.


David Kelbert

David Kelbert owner - Cordova Company - Saint Augustine, FL USA

Thank you for all the help with the machine setup and recommendations. Customer service has be great! The machine is a quality product and has performed to all expectations. Machine opens up a whole new dimension to our designs for our woodworking business with great time savings.


Gabriel Pena

Hi Andrea, how are you ? Well let me tell you my dear friend finally we are using the minitunel everything is going well. I couldn’t be wrong about this machine: for more than 20 years we are doing floors, sanding and finishing floors. It couldn't get better of Minitunnel to master my skills with new technologies. My big dream is coming true, we are so happy and you and your Paoloni Company are part of this transition in my business thank you so much, I really appreciated.


Ronald Alvarado

101 Lumber Costa Rica Facebook Page

Adquirir una máquina para mejorar nuestras capacidades productivas siempre es importante, que la máquina sea sencilla e intuitiva eso es mejor, pero tener un proveedor que esté contigo hombro a hombro cuando se presenta alguna falla aún cuando sea en momentos fuera de horario eso es invaluable. Adquirimos para nuestra operación en Costa Rica una Rusticadora de tres cabezales y un tunnel decking de Paoloni, las operamos en forma intensiva, han resultado ser máquinas muy confiables pero sobretodo el nivel de servicio ha sido excepcional. Estoy muy complacido con el tiempo de respuesta y la correcta asesoría brindada cuando han existido fallas. Más que proveedores, los chicos de Paoloni se han convertido en nuestros socios y amigos, para ellos nuestro agradecimiento y gratitud.


Deb Arneson

We bought a second-hand Minitunnel from a a bankruptcy auction. We already have about 20,000 ft. ran through it, we love it!!


Dave Waddy – Zimbo's Trading

Zimbos Flooring solutions purchased this system including brushing machine around 3 years ago, and we have been very happy with the result. We have used the machine for solvent based stains, reactive stains, waterbased sealers as well as colored and natural hardwax oils . While slightly more labour intensive than more expensive oiling plants, an excellent result can be achieved.


James Harvey

I have recently purchased this system, both the Minitunnel and the buffing machine, and I am very happy. We have used them for waterbased stains, reactive stains, waterbased sealers and lacquers as well as colored and natural hardwax oils.



Купили станок минитунель. На практике настройка станка не сложная. наносили масла, морилки и лак массивную доску и инженерную доску на выходе получился очень качественный продукт.


Horacio Carranza – Bosquesur

Minitunnel es una máquina brillante, con una tecnología simple y extremadamente efectiva. La usamos mucho para aplicar aceites de todo tipo en madera exótica, con todo un ahorro de tiempo y esfuerzos.


Ron Haggard - Northern Stable Supply Co

Paoloni is a fantastic company to deal with. All the staff is a real credit to the business and has always dealt with me exceedingly promptly, personably and professionally. Minitunnel machine is a little gem, a must-have for any flooring manufacturer.


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