Perlina wood painting machine

Paoloni Onelio & Figlio snc has created since 2004 a complete series of machines for impregnating matchboard and solid wood for construction.
Perlina machine was created to meet the needs of the construction site and automatically impregnate spruce matchboards directly before installing. It was a compact slution very quick to use, fully automatic machine with gear traction rollers and motorized finishing brushes to spread perfectly the paint on the wooden surfaces.
If the need was to apply impregnating products or fungicides and water-based or solvent-based colored wax finishes, this machine is the definitive solution. And if you r need is impregnating outdoor wood as oiled decking, the Perlina is able to perform this task perfectly.


Technical characteristics of the machine

Machine dimensions: 1500 (5000*) X 860 X 1135 mm
Machine Weight: 230 (280*) Kg
Production speed: 960 mt/h
Power installed: 0,89 Hp
Min Lenght workable: 800 mm
Min Width workable: 25 / 240 mm
Tickness workable (min/max): 8 / 100 mm
Power absorbtion: 3.42 A
N.° of engines: 3
N.° of motorized finishing brushes: 2
N.° of application rollers **: 2 + 2
N.° of no gear brushes: 5 piccoli (oppure 2 grandi)
N.° of adjustable nozzles: 8

*weight and sizes including 2 extentions

**optional application rollers: foam, sponge, mohair

Why buy a smart usefull compact impregnating machine for wood?

The best qualities that gived international success to this compact impregnating machine after almost 20 years of production, with growing successes and recognitions all over the world, are undoubtedly the speed of cleaning and the ease to change the color at work in the machine. The longevity of the machine is also guaranteed today by the total Teflon treatment of the chassis frame and all the internal non-motorized components. The non-stick system prolongs its working life and improves the cleaning process after work. Another reason why many choose Paoloni impregnating compact model Perlina is the speed of setting and the immediate change of size of the wooden element under finishing process: from the small 15 mm thick tongue and grove boards to the 10 cm wide beams for heights up to 20 cm .

The different settings possible with this machine are possible with 8 directional and excludable nozzles (open/closed one by one), as well as the roller application system: so you can work on one side only, or impregnate timber faces two or 3 sides at once. While opening all nozzles the flow coating covers perfectly wooden profile on 4 sides in one step only!

Total teflon no stick treatment

Tow extentions for total 3400mm support included with the machine purchase

Paoloni also supplies two 1700mm roller conveyors with the Perlina coating machine: two long extensions able to support and guide the advancement of long-sized and heavy timber profiles. The no gear nylon rollers with which the painted profiles come into contact are in non-stick nylon. The iron surface of which they are made is completely treated with an anti-rust galvanic finish.

Perlina Paoloni wooden profiles equipment for coating painting staining finishing and coloring

Extra strong optional pneumatic pump

PAOLONI also supplies (optional under request) the most powerful airless diaphragm pump, which is ideal for application of high viscosity products such as waxes and tick colored paints. Here are some pictures of the 32 liters/minute airless pump that we offer to our customers.


How to set up the Perlina Machine

White paint application on soft fir boards

Brown impregnating water based application

Perlina Machine at work in Austrian Paoloni customer's warehouse

Paoloni wire brushing machine and PERLINA painting machine at work in Costa Rica (South America)

Perlina Paoloni oiling machine at work on charred Shou Sugi Ban timber

Oiling exotic timber decking wood

How to clean Perlina Machine

Staining treatment of solid timber profiles

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