Advanced Laboratory: hardwax floorboards roller coater

Every Paoloni floor stain application roller coater needs a finishing flat line equipment made of a wiping machine and a scotch brite buffing unit: that's why we offer in that solution a complete range of oak flooring surface treatment machinery to apply lye and stains as well. Also colored and monocoat wood hardwax can be spread perfectly thanks to our single roller coater Minitunnel model.

Cost of the Laboratory: € 39.750

Room needed: 90 m²

What is included:

  •   1 Minitunnel
  •   1 Rustica Two
  •   1 Buffer Wiper
  •   1 Dust collector single bag
  •   1 Single roller
  •   3 Racks
  •   Training in Factory (at Paoloni)

Pre-finishing line based on the use of the Minitunnel machine for fast color changes and to apply water-based or solvent-based single and two components dyes and finishes, natural oils and full solid hardwax oils. The system also allows the application of reactive stains and similar.


The laboratory allows to perform a complete pre-finishing cycle including wire brushing and sanding

Setup and cleaning are fast and easy.

Production capacity: from 3,500 m² per month up to 7,000m² per month

Suitable for sample and customized productions


  •   Single and two components water-based stains and lacquers
  •   Single and two components solvent-based stains and lacquers
  •   Natural oils
  •   Full-Solid Hardwax oils

Example of a Professional Laboratory

Example of a Professional Laboratory

Cost of the laboratory
€ 39.750

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