Professional Laboratory: floor stain application finishing machines

Minitunnel Paoloni machine is a vertical staining solution for wooden floor application of stain that works exactly like a common roller coater, but with a  vertical technology.

Cost of the Laboratory € 60.500

Room needed: 120 m²

What is included:

  •   1 Minitunnel
  •   1 Rustica Three
  •   1 Buffer
  •   1 Wiper
  •   4 Racks
  •   1 Double Bag Dust Collector
  •   2 Conveyor rollers
  •   In-Site training

Pre-finishing line based on the use of the Minitunnel machine


The laboratory allows to perform a complete pre-finishing cycle including wire brushing and sanding.

Setup and cleaning are fast and easy.

Production capacity: from 4,500 m² per month up to 8.500m² per month

Suitable for sample and customized productions


  •   Single and two components water-based stains and lacquers
  •   Single and two components solvent-based stains and lacquers
  •   Natural oils
  •   Full-Solid Hardwax oils

Example of a Professional Laboratory

Example of a Professional Laboratory

Cost of the laboratory
€ 60.500

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